Unfinished Robot Game

Unfinished Robot Game - screen capture
Unfinished Robot Game – screen capture

Launch Project

So this is the first iteration of ‘Unfinished Robot Game’ that I feel is ready enough to share, even though it still has a long way to go in terms of being fun, playable game. It also has a few fairly major bugs I’m currently trying to resolve. For example sometimes the player can pass into objects like the dynamic icosahedrons and every now and then the jump seems to be amplified into some kind of weird super jump. 😔 (Any Three.js experts out there, please let me know if you have any ideas).

I actually created a version quite a while ago now that was in many ways more resolved, with pickups, generative audio, a timer, moving platforms, and scores etc, however, I ended up feeling that the controls in that version were just too clunky. (It had an entirely different system where the camera was always fixed behind the player.)

I ended up somewhat restarting this project with a focus on the control system. You can see my previous ‘Player Controller’ project in which I began by using the Three.js orbit controls to control the camera, however in this version I ended up building my own camera controller system as I found the orbit controls too hard to integrate with my virtual joysticks, gamepad controls, and the corresponding camera zoom functionality from those inputs.

Anyway, I’m hoping to keep chipping away at this project in my spare time, and to eventually share what I have learnt in the form of some tutorials focusing on Three.js for game development etc. At some point I would also like to publish a more detailed article about my journey here for anyone that may be interested in the more technical processes.

If by chance your interested in Three.js game development you might want to check out this article which showcases some of my favourite examples of browser based games created using Three.js, JavaScript, and WebGL.

Otherwise please don’t hesitate to offer any feedback or simply reach out if you would like to touch base about any of this stuff. And if by chance you would like to support this project you can always buy me a coffee. 😉