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I started looking critically at the design of websites in 1999 when I first started shifting from being a multimedia designer to a web designer. Over the years I have kept a tab of the websites that have made the strongest impression on me in terms of being innovative and well designed.

I debated whether to include Flash websites in this list as I understand they are just about unsupported these days however in the end I decided that my archive wouldn’t be complete without them. At the time of writing I found I could still smoothly run the Flash sites using Firefox.

Wrangler Blue Bell by Kokokaka
Wrangler Blue Bell by Kokokaka

Wrangler Blue Bell by Kokokaka

The Wrangler Blue Bell website by Kokokaka is at the top of my list as one of the best websites ever. It is a Flash website which can make it hard to view these days but this website was one of the most engaging and innovative websites I have ever come across. If you can’t run Flash there are some videos of it on youtube. I particularly love the way it draws you into the interactive space at the start and the audio track they have used is spot on in terms of establishing the mood. The interactive element of being able to move the model around is fun as well as functional.

Visit Wrangler Blue Bell site

Species In Pieces
Species In Pieces

Species In Pieces

A lovely interactive site. I particularly like the responsive design, subtlety, colours, and use of vector based graphics and animation.

Visit Species In Pieces

Bruno Simon portfolio website
Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon

I stumbled across this portfolio website for Bruno Simon website relatively recently. It is a great example of what is possible these days in terms of 3D web. This site includes a lot of really clever and fun details.

Open Bruno Simon Website

Laws of UX - web design by Jon Yablonski
Laws of UX – by Jon Yablonski

Laws of UX

I just think this is so well designed for so many reasons. At the time of writing it is also a great example of a progressive web app in that it can be installed to work offline directly from the website. The layout and design and UI is brilliant.

Visit Laws of UX

Nawlz - Flash Website
Nawlz – Flash Website


Created using Flash some years ago now, Nawlz is essentially an interactive online comic. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a big comic book and multimedia fan from way back, but I just think this website is an amazing work of interactive art / storytelling. If had to pick only one I would say that Nawlz is my favourite of all websites, ever.

Visit Nawlz Website

Ecodazoo website


Another ancient Flash gem. An immersive demonstration of early 3D using Flash.

Open Ecodazoo

Parallax JS by Matthew Wagerfield & Claudio Guglieri
Parallax JS by Matthew Wagerfield & Claudio Guglieri.


A relatively simple by beautifully designed demonstration of parallax.js by Matthew Wagerfield & Claudio Guglieri.

Open Parallax JS

Bruno Quintela - three.js website example
Bruno Quintela

Bruno Quintela

Brilliant atmospheric three.js site. Especially cool if you have 3D glasses handy.

Open Bruno Quintela website

resn - cool website design


Immersive, interactive, and another great example of something a bit different.

Visit Resn

Jonathan Yuen

Jonathan Yuen

Awesome old Flash portfolio website.

Visit Jonathan Yuen

Lost World Fairs – Atlantis

Lost World Fairs – Atlantis

An early demonstration of web fonts from way back when they were new. Also a clever play with fixed verse relative positioning of elements.

Visit Lost World Fairs – Atlantis

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