Simple Counter

Simple Counter App - Dark and Light Modes + Settings
Simple Counter App – Dark / Light Mode + Settings

Simple Counter is free simple counter app designed for counting people and keeping track of numbers. Simple Counter can be accessed directly on the net or easily installed onto your device as a Progressive Web App / PWA.

I created Simple Counter in response to Covid-19 for anyone who needs a simple tool to count the number of people in a room, venue, or given space.

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As part of creating Simple Counter I also learned a lot about creating Progressive Website Applications, which in my mind are the future of apps. This included working with systems such as the browser localStorage and localStorage events, which I think are pretty cool and amazingly useful.

For example when using Simple Counter your settings and count are automatically saved and applied when you reload, and if you have multiple windows open simultaneously they will each update each other.

I was also quite pleased that after a bit of tweaking I managed to optimise Simple Counter to receive a perfect score in Google Lighthouse. 🙂