“having lustre; shining”

“Lustrous” : 3D digital artwork / animation

Recently I have been delving into, and experimenting with Three.js. – For anyone that is unfamiliar with Three.js, it is a javascript framework that allows you to code in 3D for the web. This is quite a bit different to a lot of the 3D work I have created to date, which is created in a fairly typical 3D program (Blender) which typically outputs still images and video formats. 

Code created using three.js is rendered dynamically in the browser, so for me the coolest thing about it is that it allows you to create easily accessible interactive / non linear 3D, such as digital artforms, websites, and games etc. 

The only main drawback however is that because the 3D is dynamically rendered at real time it tends to lack the fine level of detail that can be achieved in your typical 3D modelling software, particularly in terms of lighting and shadows which normally require a lot of computation calculation and time to render at high quality. It’s also a bit tricky if you are working with highly detailed models that would require some time to download before they work in the browser.

As I was stumbling around I came across a cool way to apply materials to models in three.js that emulated some of my previous experiments with patterns on figures etc. I also found and implemented a cool script (called Ccapture.js) that allowed me to render each frame directly from the browser. This was lovely and quick and I was amazed that I was able to easily render each frame of the animation sequences to high resolution (5K).

I’ve got a whole lot of interactive artwork experimentations underway which I’m really looking forward to putting online when they are more polished. For now I guess, this is like a video preview / snippet of something I discovered along the way.

You can find the 5K sequence and more stuff like this on my Youtube channel, and mobile friendly versions on Instagram and Twitter. – I’ve also published it to Behance and Artstation.

Thanks for watching (and reading) 🙂