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This is one of my first experiments (very old now), combining 3D CSS animation with vector graphics (my logo).

I really enjoy working with, and incorporating CSS animation in my work. I particularly love the whole notion of creating animation effects with a core web language rather than via an animation frame-work, which will always have a downside in terms of page speed loading.

I think the final result here, if compressed, is only a few kilobytes, whilst also being fully accessible and scalable.

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3D digital artwork / animation created with three.js.

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Hi, I'm Henry Egloff - a multimedia artist, designer, and coder, based in Byron Bay Australia. I create digital art, design and code apps, write articles, and develop tutorials.

I specialise in designing and building dynamic and interactive media with languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and using tools like Three.js, Blender, Adobe, and Unity.

I love working creatively and helping people learn.

I'm currently available for freelance / contract projects and online tuition roles. Learn more about me or say hello at

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