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‘Crystalline’ is series of 3D artworks / renders that explore a specific texturing / material effect that I stumbled across.

In the 3D modelling program Blender I tend to stick to using the ‘Cycles’ rendering engine as I am most drawn to the more realistic lighting and shading effects that it specialises in. One day I happened to try the ‘Eevee’ renderer, which works in a different way and is much more limited, but also much faster to render.

I liked the the effect of the texture seeming to break up into shards, so I messed around a bit, applying it to a range of different poses / compositions. I plan to revisit this effect in the future with more detailed models and better lighting.

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Hi, I'm Henry Egloff - a multimedia artist, designer, and coder, based in Byron Bay Australia. I create digital art, design and code apps, write articles, and develop tutorials.

I specialise in designing and building dynamic and interactive media with languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and using tools like Three.js, Blender, Adobe, and Unity.

I love working creatively and helping people learn.

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