Awesome Examples of Three.js

March 9, 2022

There is so much cool stuff happening with Three.js on the web these days, and of course you can find many cool examples of stuff created using Three.js on the Three.js webpage, as well as in the Three.js library examples.

I decided to start putting together my own archive of examples of Three.js that have particularly impressed me, either creatively, technologically, or a combination of both. So if you haven’t seen these ones already, strap yourself in and prepare to be immersed in some cool three.js examples!

Spherical environment and normal mapping by Jaume Sánchez

I got a lot out of, and really enjoyed messing around with this fantastic demo of material and environment mapping by Jaume Sánchez. If you check out this demo please try selecting one of the models like ‘Lee Perry’ in the settings menu on the right, then try some of the different material and normal maps, and then trying messing around with the intensity values etc. You can even drop your own images onto the models to see how they would look.

I think MatCap / Litsphere mapping has a lot of cool creative potential and after seeing this demo I went down my own MatCap rabbit hole and ended up using a MatCap material to interesting effect in my own ‘Lustrous’ project.

Vertex shader example by André Mattos

A cool ‘layers’ / vertex shader example by André Mattos, inspired by the work of Maxim Zhestkov. You can check out this demo as well as the code on Codepen.

Three.js Jewellery by Pixotronics

A super impressive demonstration of sparkly diamonds created by Pixotronics. You can find this and more cool examples on their demos page.

Interactive clumping spheres by Paul Henschel

A cool example of interactive physical objects with lovely fluid movement. You can find this demo and lots of other cool three.js examples by Paul Henschel on Code Sandbox.

Threejs audio visualizer by jhugheswebdev

Even though these types of things have been around for a while I really love this beautiful audio visualizer by jhugheswebdev. If you check this out please activate the prompt for your microphone and make some noise!

Oimo.js by lo-th

One night I got completely lost in all the amazing three.js physics work created by lo-th on Github, including his Oimo and Ammo lab repos. There’s many cool examples here such as this tower demo (Oimo) and this cool dragon (Ammo). In each case I encourage you to click on the ‘DEMO’ menu and checkout some of the other examples.

Bruno Quintela three.js website
Bruno Quintela three.js website

This site by Bruno Quintella is relatively old now but it was one of the first more arty examples of three.js that I came across, and I still think the style and use of post processing etc is really cool. I’m also lucky I keep some 3D glasses handy because the 3D stereo / anaglyph effect is fun to try.

Fluid WebGL by Yuichiroh Arai

This demo is more of a demo of WebGL but I still felt that it fitted well here, plus Yuichiroh Arai has a range of other cool creative 3D demos worth checking out.

Hidden Worlds 003 by Jean Helfenstein

Jean Helfenstein has created a range of interesting interactive 3D artworks like this one, which you can find on his Foundation profile.

Cubic Wave by Avin Lambrero

Avin Lambrero has created a gallery of cool generative and 3D art examples. You can find this demo and others like it, in his gallery on Github.

Jesse Zhou - Three.js portfolio website
Jesse Zhou

An amazing 3D portfolio by Jesse Zhou.

Bouncy watch by Paul Henschel
Bouncy watch by Paul Henschel (Code Sandbox).
Transform controls by Paul Henschel (Code Sandbox)