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Awesome Examples of Three.js

Awesome Examples of Three.js

An archive of three.js demos that have particularly impressed me, either creatively, technologically, or a combination of both.

Web Design Gurus

Web Design Gurus

An archive of brilliant and inspiring web designers and developers, sharing knowledge, tools, and tricks of the trade.

About Me

Hi, I'm Henry Egloff - a multimedia artist, designer, and coder, based in Byron Bay Australia. I create digital art, design and code apps, write articles, and develop tutorials.

I specialise in designing and building dynamic and interactive media with languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and using tools like Three.js, Blender, Adobe, and Unity.

I love working creatively and helping people learn.

I'm currently available for freelance / contract projects and online tuition roles. Learn more about me or say hello at

Henry Egloff
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